Version 7 contains a new script-accessible table for developers' use.

It behaves rather like the existing user file except for having a much larger primary key (27 chars) and also a numeric "developer key" intended to prevent data collisions between different applications. Cognito will allocate 16 bit key numbers to developers who request them (0-255 are reserved; don't use them). The devkey value of your records will be your key number * 65536 + your application number (allowing you to use the file for different purposes).

There are two int, two float, two date and two short text fields (19 chars), plus a longer text field (155 chars).

You can import into it using xml or by supplying all fields to the pseudo-map ":/user2", or, from a script using SetPersistent.

import "1 my_key2 1 2 3 4 1/1/13 21/2/68 xxx yyy my data" using map ":/USER2"

Note: All Devkey values in the range 0-65535 are for use by Cognito.

Field names are as in this XML export.

    <text>my data</text>

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