Columnar reports

The MoneyWorks report writer makes it easy to make reports where the columns contain time-based values (such as actual year-to-date, or annual budget). But what about where you want something else, such as departments, classifications or different types of general … Continue reading

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L.GetBalance() and L.GetMovement()

This is often forgotten, but since v5, there has been a loop-control-object version of GetBalance and GetMovement, which operate on an already-loaded ledger record in the special case of a report for-loop on the Ledger table. Normally, GetBalance() and GetMovement() … Continue reading

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MoneyWorks 7 stores all text internally using the Unicode UTF-8 encoding. This allows proper compatibility between Mac and Windows for Roman text outside the ASCII range (which previously was not translated between MacRoman and WinLatin), and also allows for input … Continue reading

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Report Writer: For loop redux

The For loop in the MoneyWorks report writer can be used in several different ways: Iterate over records in a table in the database. You select the table and specify a search expression to select records, an optional sort (up … Continue reading

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Reports as Scripts

By popular request (actually just multiple requests from Grant), from v6.0.6, you can run reports from the Command menu by placing them in the Scripts folder. The "No Dialog" report settings option—which used to completely suppress the report settings dialog … Continue reading

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