Reports as Scripts

By popular request (actually just multiple requests from Grant), from v6.0.6, you can run reports from the Command menu by placing them in the Scripts folder.

The "No Dialog" report settings option—which used to completely suppress the report settings dialog and always output the report to Preview—has been renamed to "No output options"

If you have no custom controls, then the behaviour is as before; the report goes direct to preview with no settings dialog. If there are custom controls, then you get a simplified settings dialog with just your custom controls. The Preview button is labelled Run. If the report generates no output (actually this bit is now true for any report), then no preview will be displayed. If there is any output then it is displayed in Preview as before.

The differences are really purely cosmetic, but it will now make more sense to run a report that simply does something for side effects (such as updating a record in the User file) without displaying any results.

As of v7, this is deprecated, since MWScript is a better option than running a report for side effects.

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