MoneyWorks General Training Courses

Our structured training courses, held in a class room setting, are an excellent way to unleash the power of MoneyWorks. It's the things you don't know that can make a big difference!

Our courses are suitable for both new and experienced MoneyWorks users. New users should have at least worked through the MoneyWorks tutorial before attending. Courses are normally a day in length, with a break of about an hour for lunch.

Note: You will need to bring your own laptop with MoneyWorks installed. If you do not already have MoneyWorks installed, you should download and install the MoneyWorks Gold trial from the Try MoneyWorks page. If you are unable to bring a computer, we can provide one for an additional charge.

Special half-day courses are also available in specialist areas of MoneyWorks:

  • Introduction to Report Writing: Creating a simple report using the MoneyWorks report writer
  • Advanced Report Writing: Creating non-general ledger style reports (debtor reports, sales reports, job reports etc).
  • Job Costing & Time Billing: Using the MoneyWorks job system.
  • MoneyWorks Forms Designer: Modifying and creating your own forms (invoice, statements, cheques) etc in MoneyWorks.
  • Introduction to MoneyWorks Scripting: An overview of mwScript, the MoneyWorks scripting language

The Forms Design course is suitable for MoneyWorks Express and MoneyWorks Gold/Datacentre users.
The Report Writing and Job Costing courses are suitable for MoneyWorks Gold/Datacentre users only.
You must have attended the Introductory Report Writing before you can attend the Advanced Report Writing.