Custom edit field special properties

MoneyWorks Gold 8 allows you to create new windows that can be used with scripts. The UI form editor allows you to set the type (text/number/date) and numeric format of an edit field, but there are some other useful modes you can obtain by using metacharacter sequences in the initial text for the field. A metacharacter sequence is enclosed in angle brackets and will be removed from the initial text that the field is instantiated with. It must appear at the start of the initial text.

<LEN=99999> Set the length limit for the field (the default length limit is 255 bytes).
<PASS> Password mode (typed characters are hidden)
<ARTN> Allow returns (newlines) in the field (with Option/Ctrl) held down
<AR!O> Allow returns (newlines) in the field without a modifier key having to be used
<SBAR> A scrollable edit field. Implies ARTN
<SBA2> A scrollable edit field that uses the Scintilla text editing component and allows internal tab characters to be typed. Also implies AR!O and allows unlimited text length. Does not send ItemHit messages during typing.

Where it makes sense, you can combine the metacharacter sequences, e.g. <TIMELEN=5>

In v8.1 you can also use

<TIME> Defer ItemHit messages until the user has paused typing. Use when your ItemHit handler might take more than a few milliseconds to run.

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