Python script for MoneyWorks

A third-party Python script is available to facilitate development of services that use the MoneyWorks REST APIs to push data to MoneyWorks, or to automate MoneyWorks processes from outside of MoneyWorks.


from moneyworks import Moneyworks
mw = Moneyworks()

# Print the version of Moneyworks we are talking to
print mw.version()

# Get the email address of the first person in a company, selected by code
print mw.get_email("ACME")

# Get a PDF document (which you can save or email) of a transaction
pdf = mw.print_transaction('sequencenumber=`9999`', 'my_invoice')

# Export some data for all companies with code starting with 'A' and print their names
my_data = mw.export("name", "left(code, 1)=`A`")
for contact in my_data:
  print contact['name']

Note: In general, if you want to initiate something from within MoneyWorks, use mwScript. The REST APIs are for when actions are initiated by some other systems (such as a sale on a web store).

For more details and to download the script resources, go to

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