MoneyWorks Webhooks

Although not a specific "feature" of MoneyWorks, webhooks (i.e. initiating a scripted action in MoneyWorks via a URL) can be easily implemented using a special custom report. This relies on three other MoneyWorks features: Reports can be invoked using the … Continue reading

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FileMaker Plug-in and -1703 errors on Mojave

If you are using the MoneyWorks-FileMaker plug-in in Mojave you may be getting unexpected -1703 errors when using the MWKS_ImportFile script step. The following description explains the problem and provides the solution: My FileMaker script exports the transaction data to … Continue reading

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Python script for MoneyWorks

A third-party Python script is available to facilitate development of services that use the MoneyWorks REST APIs to push data to MoneyWorks, or to automate MoneyWorks processes from outside of MoneyWorks. Examples: from moneyworks import Moneyworks mw = Moneyworks() # … Continue reading

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Persistent Data and DevKeys

In MoneyWorks 7 we introduced a new internal data table called "User2", specifically so that mwScripts and external plug-ins can store their own persistent data in a MoneyWorks database. However with diverse scripts each storing their own data, there is … Continue reading

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Using FileMaker with MoneyWorks

OVERVIEW FileMaker Pro provides an easy, cross-platform way to extend the functionality of MoneyWorks, either with a FileMaker front-end to help automate internal office procedures (specialised order entry, manufacturing, etc), or, using FileMaker Go, as a mobile front-end to MoneyWorks … Continue reading

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