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Displaying sticky notes in a list column

This is for transactions (directly owned sticky notes)
Find("Stickies.Message", "FileNum=5 and OwnerSeq="+SequenceNumber, 9)

File number 5 is Transactions. All notes live in the Stickies table and are keyed on a combination of FileNum (owning file) and OwnerSeq.

Searching sticky notes

PositionInText(Find("Stickies.Message", "FileNum=5 and OwnerSeq="+SequenceNumber, 99), "some word")

Note that this requires a considerable degree of inefficient heavy lifting by the database. Do it over a slow network on a large file and suffer the consequences.

In particular, using Find() in a column formula defeats the new caching scheme that makes v7 fast even over slow networks.

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  1. feda says:

    Thank you.

  2. Rowan says:

    You may note that I referenced SequenceNumber "outside" of the search expression (i.e constructed the search expression using the value of the (transaction) sequencenumber, rather than including the field by name in the expression. This in spite of the fact that in 6.1.x, enclosing scope is available to functions like Find. The reason is that SequenceNumber is a field possessed by every file, including the stickies file, so within the search, the stickies sequencenumber field occludes the transaction sequencenumber field. Other fields from the transaction would be available.

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