Cloning an Existing MoneyWorks Document

If you already have an existing MoneyWorks file and you want to use its chart of accounts in a new file, you can save a “Clone”. This new file will contain the current chart of accounts, plus any currencies, name records and products that you have set up. You can delete the items you don’t need once the new file is created.To clone a file:

  1. Choose File>Save a Copy As

The Save A Copy As window opens

  1. Choose the option Save an Empty Clone
  1. If necessary, specify a new balance date
  1. Click Continue

The standard File Save dialog will appear

  1. Name the file, and choose its location, and click Save

A new file with no transactions (and the new balance date) will be created for you. The current file remains open. Note that all ledger, customer and stock balances are set to zero.

Maintaining your Chart of Accounts

You can alter your chart of accounts by adding new accounts, or by changing or deleting existing ones. You can change the account code, the description, the tax code and the category. In MoneyWorks Gold you can also departmentalise or undepartmentalise an existing account. All such changes to the structure of the chart of accounts are recorded in the log file.

Although MoneyWorks allows you to make changes to the chart of accounts quite easily, care should be taken. Major changes to a complex chart of accounts are likely to end up confusing both you and your accountant or auditor.