Importing your Opening Receivables and Payables

One of the time-consuming tasks in changing to a new accounting system is getting your opening receivables and payables entered. It is made harder because some systems do not let you export this information in a sensible format (so even MoneyWorks’ powerful importing can’t just re-import it).

However most systems do have some sort of Receivables and Payables report, probably with ageing. If the report is well structured and you can get it into Excel or a similar spreadsheet, then the OpeningARAP MoneyWorks script might be useful.

Basically the script will read a structured, tab-delimited text file (which is one of the Saving options in Excel), and import the customer or supplier balances. You just need to tell it which columns contain the data. If the report contains page headings, which most accounting reports do, you can tell the script how to identify and skip these.

The script requires MoneyWorks Gold/Datacentre 7.2 or later to run on.

To download the script and documentation, click the link below. The download is a zip file (so you will need to decompress it) that contains a pdf of the instructions and a file OpeningARAP.mwxml—double-clicking the latter will install it into the currently open MoneyWorks file. You should read the instructions before you install the script.


Note: If you want to the run the script from more than one MoneyWorks file, you will need to install it into each one separately.

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