Retired document: This is the manual for MoneyWorks 7. For the current version of MoneyWorks use the MoneyWorks 8 manual.

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1. [100.00%] Importing into Other Files
(Names, Products, etc) to import from the import submenu in the File menu The File Open dialog box will be displayed 2. Locate the file you wish to import and click Open If you used the import XML, the XML data will be imported - 13.9kb

2. [92.46%] Transaction Importing
the Options button on the Import Settings window will display options that affect how the information is Imported. Signs: MoneyWorks can adjust the signs of values Imported. By default MoneyWorks assumes that all Import data will - 31.0kb

3. [60.54%] XML Importing
[Next] XML Importing MoneyWorks supports Import and export of xml-formatted data. This removes the need to preconfigure an Import map when building automated Importing scripts (although you will still need to understand - 14.0kb

4. [58.49%] Transaction Import Errors
detail lines that you are importing or you may be importing the wrong gross values (are you importing net values into the Detail.Gross field for example?) Field dependency too complex MoneyWorks could not determine a value for - 19.0kb

5. [55.30%] Import File Format
transaction details. Import Field Matching When Importing transactions, names, products and job sheet information, MoneyWorks allows you to specify which fields will be Imported and in what order. This is done by means of the - 12.4kb

6. [50.96%] Importing the Chart of Accounts
5. Highlight the file to import, and click import The import file checking window will be displayed. If any errors are found in the file they will be listed here. You will need to correct these and repeat the import procedure. - 20.4kb

7. [46.74%] Importing Bank Statements
delimited. These can also be imported into MoneyWorks using the standard import Transactions command (See importing into Other Files ). However you may have to remove extraneous information (such as account number and opening balances) from the - 13.5kb

8. [41.38%] Importing Payments/Receipts on Invoices
[Next] Importing Payments/Receipts on Invoices Importing payments on invoices is similar to Importing other transactions except that the Imported payments are automatically posted. You can Import payments/receipts on - 12.5kb

9. [40.36%] Importing Budgets
1. Choose File>Import>Budgets The Import Budgets dialog box will be displayed. 2. Type in the number of periods of budget to Import 3. Choose the first period for which there is budget data from the pop-up menu - 7.9kb

10. [40.36%] Exporting & Importing
on Windows. Exporting Importing Importing the Chart of Accounts Importing into Other Files Transaction Importing Importing Payments/Receipts on Invoices Product Importing Names Importing Job Importing Job Sheet Item - 7.0kb

11. [39.34%] Names Importing
[Next] Names Importing To view or set the Name Import options click the Options button in the Import Field Order window. Note that Mac users can Import their Mac Address Book directly using the File>Import>Address Book - 6.4kb

12. [38.19%] Using Calculations in Imports
Using Calculations in Imports MoneyWorks allows you to massage the data being Imported. This means that if the data is incomplete, or doesn't quite have the right fields, it might be possible to fix this as part of the Import process. - 7.6kb

13. [37.16%] Product Importing
To view or set the product import options click the Options button in the import Field Order window. Update if Exists: If set, MoneyWorks will update the data for any records whose product code matches the code of the record being - 6.3kb

14. [30.78%] Importing your Address Book
[Previous] [Next] Importing your Address Book On the Mac only, you can Import the address book direct into MoneyWorks. New entries in the address book will be added, and changed entries will be updated. 1. Choose - 6.4kb

15. [29.76%] Editing the imported transactions
[Next] Editing the imported transactions Once imported, the transactions can be edited in the list. Typically this will involve specifying a correct allocation code for those transactions that couldn't be allocated automatically. You - 10.0kb

16. [29.76%] Job Importing
[Next] Job Importing There is only one Job Import option, Update if Exists . To view or set this click the Options button in the Import Field Order window. If Update if Exists is set, MoneyWorks will update the data - 6.9kb

17. [29.76%] Importing
[Previous] [Next] Importing Importing is done either by using the appropriate File>I mport command, or by pasting the data if it has been copied in a suitable format onto the clipboard. You can Import accounts, budgets, names, - 5.9kb

18. [27.59%] Import Names Error Messages
warning only. You can still import if you get this error. The debtor/creditor code has spaces or wildcards. They will be converted to underscores. This is a warning only. You can still import if you get this error. [Up] - 6.6kb

19. [27.59%] Bank Reconciliation
Note: If you have imported your statement with the Auto Reconcile option set (See importing Bank Statements ), the imported transactions will already be in the top pane. The bottom pane consists of a normal MoneyWorks list that you - 21.1kb

20. [25.42%] Job Sheet Item Importing
Job Sheet Item Importing There are no options for job sheet items. The fields that may require special consideration when Importing are outlined below. For a full list of fields see See Job Sheet Items . Field Size - 8.9kb

21. [25.42%] Product Import Errors
[Next] Product Import Errors Message Explanation The product code "<CODE>" is already in use Product code is not unique. Check that there is no existing code in your product file and - 6.9kb

22. [24.39%] Importing Direct from other Applications
[Previous] [Next] Importing Direct from other Applications MoneyWorks supports Importing by AppleEvents on the Mac and COM on Windows, as well as through the REST API (See MoneyWorks REST APIs ) . This allows the seamless transfer - 6.0kb

23. [24.39%] GST and VAT
to GST. When you export (or import) goods you will need to override the tax code in the transaction entry—this can be done automatically by setting an override code in the Name record (See Override Tax Code: ). When you are due to prepare - 30.1kb

24. [23.37%] Manual Index
Images on forms Import Command Import File Formats Importing Accounts Bank Statements Budgets by Pasting Errors Field Matching File Formats Job Sheet Items Jobs Names Payments on - 156.3kb

25. [23.37%] Importing into Detail Lines
[Previous] [Next] Importing into Detail Lines The transaction detail line fields appear in the field list as N.Detail.FieldName where N is a number denoting that the fields with that number belong to the same detail line definition. - 5.5kb

26. [22.22%] Entering Outstanding Information
format it may be possible to import them instead of having to rekey them. See Exporting & importing for a discussion on importing. To enter your Opening Receivables: 1. Create a new Sales Invoice If you are unsure of how to create - 20.8kb

27. [18.01%] Periods
Managing your periods is important. You can only enter transactions into periods which are open. MoneyWorks will normally manage opening your periods for you automatically. However it is important to close periods as well—while a period is - 16.2kb

28. [18.01%] Pricing and Terms; Pricing and Coding
Discounts . Note: It is important that your prompt payments are correctly set up for your region. Please see the PPD preference settings on See PPD (Prompt Payment Discounts) . Accounts Receivable Control Account: The general ledger - 12.8kb

29. [16.99%] Useful List Operations
in a format suitable for reimporting into MoneyWorks. You can't paste these back into MoneyWorks—paste them into a text document instead and import this using the import>Payments on Invoices command. To Paste 1. Choose Edit> - 20.1kb

30. [13.79%] Documents
Note: If you plan to import a lot of information, turning this option off for the duration of the import will make it go about 100 times faster. If a session file has been created and there is a system crash, MoneyWorks will display the - 8.7kb

31. [12.64%] Tax Codes
unless you are an importer. In this case you may get a bill for Tax from Customs. 7. Set the All GST/TAX radio button if this rate represents 100% GST 8. Click OK to accept these entries Clicking Cancel will put the - 15.2kb

32. [11.62%] Communicating with Your Accountant
format that is suitable for importing into the major accounting practice systems. To do this: 1. Choose File>Accountant's Export The Accountant's Export settings window will open 2. Choose the file format to use If - 9.6kb

33. [11.62%] Creating a new Account
in electronic format for importing into the accountant's practice management system, you should enter the accountant's code for this account into this field. It can be up to nine alpha-numeric characters long. P&L Account: In Gold - 11.8kb

34. [11.62%] Setting up an Auto-Allocation for General Transactions
Skip this record when importing from bank statement: This option only affects transactions imported using the Load Bank Statement command (See importing Bank Statements ). If the option is set and a match occurs, the corresponding - 9.0kb

35. [9.45%] Notes:
transactions (discounts on imported transactions can still be over-ridden). Detail Line List If this is off, the user will not be able to access the Detail Line list in the Show menu. Select Filters If this is off, the user - 9.8kb

36. [8.43%] Quick Start
a calendar year). It is important to get this right as it cannot be changed easily later. This is discussed in See Periods . 3. Optionally choose your chart of accounts A chart of accounts is just a coding structure for allocating - 9.3kb

37. [8.43%] Custom Validation Lists
They do not apply for importing, replacing or other forms of data creation that bypass the user interface. ▪ A Custom Validation applied to a field in a transaction entry window will only apply to that type of entry (e.g. Payment, - 13.3kb

38. [8.43%] Managing Your File
information, it is important that it is managed properly and backed up regularly. Opening Your Document Mac users If you are using a Mac, your file must be kept on a Mac formatted hard disk. Non-Mac formatted disks, such as - 10.6kb

39. [8.43%] Transaction Fields
in the Find settings window, Importing, Exporting and the Forms Designer. [Up] [Previous] [Next] - 15.3kb

40. [7.41%] To set up an additional user
they want. Another important privilege to consider is the Form & Report Signing privilege. If access to any form or report is to be denied to a user, this privilege must be turned off for that user. You can then use Signing to - 8.5kb

41. [7.41%] Stock Valuation
in this batch checkbox. Important: When MoneyWorks displays this dialog, the transaction is half posted and hence in a multi-user situation the database is locked. Other users will not be able to enter or modify data until this window is - 8.1kb

42. [7.41%] Job Budgets
Columns ). However it is important to realise that these reports will only pick up the budget figures for the breakdown level of the report. As an example, consider the case where you have budgeted for every resource used in a project. If - 8.8kb

43. [6.26%] Names
Book Universal ID—set for imported address book entries only Account Name T 21 The bank account name (e.g. XYZ Trading Company) Address1 T 59 Mailing Address (first line) - 39.6kb

44. [6.26%] Functions
number of the last record imported is returned, or -1 if an error occurred. Examples: =import(someText, "myMap.impo") Note: Running a report should not have side effects, so the use of the import function should - 120.3kb

45. [6.26%] Allocating against invoices
It is important to realise that you have only marked the invoices for payment. There is nothing to stop another user paying the same invoice (or even cancelling it) while you are processing the remainder of the bank - 8.4kb

46. [6.26%] Posting stock transactions without Enable Job Costing & Time Billing
you. 1. If you are importing or exporting product records, it is important to realise that MoneyWorks stores the reciprocal of the conversion that you entered. Technically the quantity purchased is divided by this stored conversion - 9.1kb

47. [6.26%] Registering your copy of MoneyWorks
version of MoneyWorks it is important that you register it—you will in fact be prompted to do this. If you don't register your copy of MoneyWorks, and lose your serial number (and you will be surprised how often this happens), you will need to - 6.7kb

48. [5.24%] Company Details
the logo area, or use the Import facility: 1. Click the Import button The standard File Open window will open 2. Navigate to your file, select it and click Open Use the Cut or Copy buttons to remove or copy the - 9.1kb

49. [5.24%] Field Descriptions for Products
special consideration when importing into MoneyWorks. For a full description of product fields see See Products (Items) . Field Size Description Code 15 Code to identify product. Must be unique (unless - 10.6kb

50. [4.21%] User2 File
inserted into the table by importing them, with the pseudo-map ":/User2" or as xml, or using the SetPersistent function. For the psuedo-map, the data is tab-delimited, with devkey and key being the first two fields and the subsequent - 11.3kb

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