Output for email

Any printout can be emailed. MoneyWorks will prepare the email and add the printout as a PDF attachment. Unless you are using the built-in SMTP server —see Emailing, MoneyWorks will not send the email, but make it ready for your email program.

To send a printout as an email:

  1. Set the Output to pop-up menu to eMail
  1. Click the Send... button or press enter

The Mail Attachment window will open

  1. Type in the subject of the email

This defaults to the title of the printout.

  1. Enter the address(es) of where to send the email

You can type these in, or insert them from the list of Names

  1. If you are using the built-in SMTP, enter an optional message

You cannot do this if you are using a mail client (but you can enter it using your email client before sending).

  1. Highlight the Name(s) in the list who you wish to receive the email
  1. Choose the Contact or Role from the popup menu

The contacts and email address for that role will be displayed. Where a name has multiple contacts with the same role, all those contacts will be emailed (one email, with multiple addresses in the Send To field).

  1. Click the Insert button or double click a Name to transfer the available email address

The addresses in the Send To field should be separated by commas. People’s real names, if present, should be enclosed in double quotes and precede their email addresses.

  1. Click the Send button

A single email will be created addressed to the nominated recipient(s), with the printout as an attachment. The email is not sent, but it will appear in your email program for sending.

emailing Invoices, Orders and Statements: When you email an invoice or statement, you normally are going to send it to the client. MoneyWorks knows of course the details of the client, including the email address (providing you have recorded it). The Separate Emails tab in the Mail Attachment window allows you to send the emails direct to the intended recipient—see Emailing Forms.

emailing as pdf: Custom forms (invoices, statements etc) can be emailed as pdf attachments. This preserves the layout and graphics on the form.