SetListField (listRef, rowNum, columnNumOrName, value)

Attempts to set the text of a cell in an editable list (such as the transaction detail list). Additional validation may cause your text to be rejected. You can get a listRef using the GetListHandle function, or it will be passed to you as a parameter to certain handlers, such as ValidateCell.

RowNum is zero-based. To reduce fragility of scripts over software versions, avoid using column numbers. Use column names. Normal validation will be applied to whatever value you set, just as if the user had typed it.

Availability:  within an MWScript handler

See Also:

AddListLine: Add a row to an editable list

DeleteListLine: Delete a row from an editable list

EnterCell: A cell in an editable list has just gained focus

ExchangeListRows: Swap rows in an editable list

ExitedCell: A cell in an editable list has just lost focus

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GetActiveListRow: Get the row number of an edit list that has keyboard focus

GetListField: Get the text of an editable list field

GetListHandle: Get list handle from window handle and list ident

GetListLineCount: Get number of rows in a list

GetListName: Selected tab name for Transaction entry details list

MergeOrderLines: Merge order lines (opposite of SplitOrderLines)

SortListByColumn: Sort an editable list by a column

SplitOrderLine: Duplicate a line item on an order, splitting the order qty (for serial entry)

ValidateCell: Control whether the content of a cell is acceptable and the cell can be exited