Tax Coding

An Audit report that lists all (non-system) detail lines for the nominated period range, ordered by tax code, and summarised for each tax code by the currencies used (if any). The report can be run for all tax codes, or just a nominated tax code. Payments against invoices are excluded from the report, as the tax is on the originating invoice.

For locales that use a GST/VAT type tax, the tax cycle of the transaction is shown (i.e. the cycle when it appeared on a finalised GST/VAT report). Transactions that are yet to appear will have a tax cycle of zero.

Note: The Tax Coding report is period based, whereas the GST/VAT Report is based on the transaction date, and whether a transaction has been previously processed for GST/VAT or not. For this reason the two reports will almost certainly give different totals. The GST/VAT report should be used for GST/VAT preparation, the Tax Coding report is only for checking the coding on transactions.