The bank details for the contact are maintained in the Bank tab. The first set of bank details are intended for creditors, and this is the information that will appear on the bank deposit slip when we bank money from the creditor.

They Pay by: This is the payment method that the debtor normally uses to pay us. Whenever money is receipted from the debtor, the Paid By of the receipt will default to this.

Bank, Branch and Account Name: These details are used for preparing bank deposit forms when the customer pays by cheque. The details are displayed on the entry screen when receipting cash, so you can check at the time of entry whether they are using a different bank account. These can be overridden on individual transactions.

Electronic banking details for when we pay them: The actual bank account number that is used when preparing files for electronic banking. The account number should be filled out in the format indicated and will be automatically zero-filled if required —see Account Number. The ability to enter/edit this is a user privilege.

Credit Card Details: Their credit card details. When they pay by credit card these will be used unless overwritten on the transaction.


This tab displays a list of historic transactions against the name, and in MoneyWorks Express and Gold, the current debtor/creditor balances.

Debtor: This displays the aged balances for the debtor. You cannot alter these values—the balances are automatically increased whenever an invoice is posted, and reduced whenever payment is received. The aging is controlled by the Age Debtor Balances command—you can also calculate aged balances for various different aging intervals using the Aged Receivables report.

Creditor: This displays the current balance for the creditor (i.e. how much you owe this creditor). It cannot be altered. It is automatically increased whenever you post an invoice received from the creditor, and reduced when payment is made. The Aged Payables report will print out an aged listing of creditors.

Transaction History: This displays a list of all transactions against the Name. It can be sorted by clicking on any of the column headings, and the columns can be changed to show other information if required —See Customising Your List. You cannot search this list or double-click a transaction to view it.

Incomplete Only: Click this if you want to see just the outstanding invoices.