Credit Notes

In MoneyWorks a credit note to a customer is entered as a negative sales invoice—the window title will change to Debtor’s Credit Note. It will (when posted) appear in the receivables list until it is offset against another invoice from the same debtor — see Contra Invoices.

For a credit note involving products, you should enter a negative quantity—if these are stocked items, they will be brought back into stock (at their current stock average value) when the credit note is posted.

Receiving a Deposit

Sometimes a customer will part pay for the goods when he or she is supplied them. Such a part payment is called a deposit.

To record a deposit when creating an invoice:

  1. Fill out the details on the invoice in the normal manner, but make sure the Deposit option is set

The post option will be automatically set when you set the Deposit option—transactions involving a deposit must be posted.

  1. Click OK or Next (or press keypad-enter)

The Enter Deposit window will be displayed.

  1. Enter the Deposit Amount

This must be no greater than the invoice total.

  1. If necessary enter the Payment Method

Cash receipts (i.e. the folding stuff) are amalgamated into a single total on deposit slips printed using the Banking command.

  1. Set the Bank Account and other details if necessary
  1. Click OK

A partial payment for the amount indicated will be automatically created and posted.

If No Deposit is clicked, the partial payment is not created (although the original invoice will still have been posted).