Reconciling Unposted Transactions

Unposted transactions will be included in the bank reconciliation if you set the Include Unposted Transactions check box in the bank reconciliation setup. If you have marked any unposted transactions as being reconciled, an alert will be displayed when you click the Finish button.

If you click Proceed, MoneyWorks will attempt to post the transactions. If for some reason it can’t, a warning will be displayed and you will not be able to finalise the reconciliation. Instead you should save it, correct the problem, and repeat the reconciliation.

Any unposted transactions that were not reconciled will be listed at the end of the bank reconciliation report.

Saving a Reconciliation

If you want to interrupt a bank reconciliation session and return to it at a later time, you can save the reconciliation.

  1. To save the state of the reconciliation after reconciling part of your bank statement, click the Finish Later button

The bank reconciliation window will close. When you next use the Bank Reconciliation command, the transactions that you previously reconciled will still have the face next to them.

MoneyWorks remembers the opening and closing balances, statement number and date that you last typed into the Bank Reconciliation setup dialog box and fills in these values for you when you next choose the Bank Reconciliation command. This saves you from retyping these values when returning to a saved reconciliation.

Reviewing and Reprinting a Previous Reconciliation

To reprint a previously completed reconciliation report:

  1. Choose Command>Bank Reconciliation

The Bank Reconciliation settings window will open.

  1. Choose the bank concerned from the Bank pop-up menu
  1. Click the Load Old... button

The Choices window will open, listing previous reconciliations1.

  1. Double-Click the reconciliation of interest, and click View

The reconciliation window will open, showing the transactions reconciled previously and any unpresented items. You cannot modify this.

Clicking the New button will start a new reconciliation.

  1. Click Print Summary to reprint the Reconciliation report

Note that the unpresented items in the reconciliation report may include transactions entered since you did the original bank reconciliation. Also, the reconstituted bank reconciliation will not be correct if any of the original transactions have been purged.

1  The list only shows those reconciliations done using MoneyWorks 3 or later. If you want to reconstitute an earlier bank rec, hold down the Ctrl key (Windows) or the Option key (Mac) when you click the Load Old button. Note that MoneyWorks does not know the opening and closing balances of these earlier reconciliations.