Digression on Credit Cards

If you want to record transactions made on a credit card, you can either set the card company up as a creditor (which means you enter your card expenses as creditor invoices), or more easily as a bank account of type Credit Card, which sets the “bank” account up as a current liability account.

In the latter case payments made using the credit card are ordinary payments out of the credit card “bank”, and when you pay the credit card, you do a payment out of your ordinary bank account to the credit card “bank” (or a creditor invoice coded to the credit card “bank” account).


Use the comments to make any notes about the account or its intended uses. Reports can be customised to show comments.

Cashflow Reporting

The settings here determine how the account is handled in the Statement of Cashflows report, and the Cash Forecast report. See the respective reports for more details.

Modifying an Account

Although you can change most of the information about an account at any time, you should exercise restraint - a constantly changing chart of accounts will be difficult to use and difficult to audit. For audit purposes, any changes that you make to the structure of the chart of accounts will be recorded in the Log File.

  1. Choose Show>Accounts

The list of accounts in your system will be displayed.

  1. Highlight the account(s) that you wish to modify and Choose Edit>Modify Account or press Ctrl-M/⌘-M

Alternatively, you can double click a single account to modify it.

The Account entry window will be displayed.

  1. Click on or tab into the field that you want to change and enter the new information
  1. Click OK to accept these changes

Click Cancel to discard the changes.