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FileMaker Pro provides an easy, cross-platform way to extend the functionality of MoneyWorks, either with a FileMaker front-end to help automate internal office procedures (specialised order entry, manufacturing, etc), or, using FileMaker Go, as a mobile front-end to MoneyWorks Datacentre.

From a FileMaker front-end, you can submit transactions (e.g. orders, quotes, invoices) into MoneyWorks, run reports, update/create new customer/items/jobs and so forth. Depending how you script your FileMaker solution, this interaction can be transparent to the end-user, even if they are in a different location or using a different platform.


There are two ways that FileMaker can communicate with MoneyWorks.

  • Client to Client: Where the user has both MoneyWorks and FileMaker Pro running on their local machine, FileMaker is able to extract and submit information to directly to MoneyWorks in a manner that is transparent to the user. This relies on a FileMaker plug-in that we provide which works with MoneyWorks Cashbook, Express, Gold and Datacentre clients.
  • FileMaker Client to MoneyWorks Datacentre server: If the FileMaker instance is on a different machine to MoneyWorks, such as an iPad or iPhone, it can communicate directly to MoneyWorks Datacentre server using the MoneyWorks REST APIs.

The FileMaker Plug-in

Note: A 64 bit version (required for FileMaker Pro and later) of this plug-in is now available through the MoneyWorks Add-On Store

The MoneyWorks-FileMaker Plug-in (300k) allows seamless integration between FileMaker Pro and MoneyWorks at the desktop level (i.e. both FileMaker and MoneyWorks must be running on the same computer). From your customised FileMaker Pro front end you can extract information directly from MoneyWorks, and also send information (invoices, orders, time sheets etc) directly to MoneyWorks. There are two plug-ins (one for Windows and a Universal Binary one for Mac). Both these plug-ins provide the same command set, so a single FileMaker database can talk to MoneyWorks using the same commands, regardless of platform. The plug-ins work with FileMaker Pro 7 and later, and MoneyWorks 5 and later. An older (unsupported) plug-in is available for FileMaker Pro 5.5 and 6.

  • Mac Installation: Place the plug-in "Moneyworks Plugin.fmplugin" into the Extensions folder (in your FileMaker Pro x folder, in your Applications folder).
    Note: FileMaker Pro 14 must be set to run in 32-bit mode for it to recognise the plug-in.
  • Windows Installation: Place the plug-in "MoneyWorksFMPlugin.fmx" into the Extensions directory in your FileMaker x directory in your Program Files directory.
  • The MoneyWorks Connectivity Tutorial, which is included with the download, is designed to let your explore the plug-in with built in examples. You can also experiment with your own commands. The tutorial requires FMP 8 or later (it runs fine on FMP 12, but will need to be converted), and runs fine with the MoneyWorks Gold trial (the sample "Acme Widgets" file provided with the trial version of MoneyWorks will never expire, so, if you don't have a MoneyWorks license, you can use it for all testing and development).

Using FileMaker with the MoneyWorks REST APIs

The MoneyWorks REST APIs allow data to be displayed and submitted to MoneyWorks Datacentre using a standard URL. This makes it easy in FileMaker to display live data from MoneyWorks in the webviewer, or to extract data using the Insert from URL command. Note that FileMaker Pro Server is not required for this implementation.

A FileMakerGo example app (requires FileMakerGo/Pro 16) is available for free download from the MoneyWorks Add-on Store. The app uses the MoneyWorks REST APIs so that it can:

  • Run any (authorised) report.
  • Do customer management
    • Display customer dashboard showing balances and historic purchases.
    • Retrieve any invoice for a customer.
    • Update customer details.
  • Enter new quote, sales order or sales invoice, with option to require customer signature.
  • Record time and materials used on a job.
  • Do stock count with option to use iPad/iPhone as scanner
  • Record expense claim, with photo of docket/receipt.

The app works with MoneyWorks Datacentre 8.1 or later, or MoneyWorks Now, and data entered on the device can be sent live back to MoneyWorks. It is pre-configured to talk to a sample file in Brisbane, Australia, but you can easily reconfigure it for your own Datacentre or MoneyWorks Now file.

You will be able to dissect the app to see how to use the REST APIs from within FileMaker, and also modify and extend the app (but with the proviso that you must send us any enhancements, which we might put in an updated version of the app).

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